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Jaw Angulation Methods in Men

Jaw Angulation Methods in Men

Today, more and more men use dermal fillers to visually highlight different areas of their face without surgery and enjoy the benefits both socially and in business.

A prominent chin in men is mostly an inherited trait that often worsens with age. A round, angular jawline can be characterized by a rounded chin and soft, curved edges.

The standard of male attractiveness centers around the “ideal” male facial structure, including: a visible square jawline, prominent chin, and prominent cheekbones.

The lower jaw can recede over the years. Certain factors that may affect the development of an angulated jaw include:

  • Lack of collagen and elastin related to aging
  • Loss of bone and soft tissue known as osteoporosis
  • Facial trauma or injury in early life

The jaw plays an essential role in the beauty of the face and makes it more attractive. Having a beautiful and symmetrical jaw, in addition to being attractive for women, also increases self-confidence for men. Fortunately, today there are many ways to create a jaw angle that can be used for both men and women.

In this article, we are going to review all the points related to men’s jaw angulation, so if you are thinking about jaw angulation, be sure to stay with us until the end in Innocence magazine.

Why jaw angulation?

Jaw Angulation Methods in Men

In previous articles, we have discussed everything you need to know about jaw and face angulation, which you can read if you are interested. But in summary; Angularization is done with various methods such as fat injection, jaw surgery, and filler injection, which cause fundamental changes in people’s faces. This is done for men with goals such as: highlighting the chin, slimming the face, shrinking and highlighting the jaw.

The “halo effect” is a psychological phenomenon in which preconceived notions of a person, based on their appearance, are invoked as a basis for evaluating a person’s performance and personality. Meaning, if you’re attractive, well-groomed, and well-dressed, your boss might think you’d be a better employee than someone who doesn’t have these qualities. This is a kind of cognitive bias and may act as an initiative for men to improve their image in front of others.

There are many ways to help achieve a prominent, angled jaw or reduce the appearance of a weak jaw, and these can be achieved through a range of home and professional methods, such as:

  • Facial exercises
  • Weight Loss
  • Wearing clothes based on face shape
  • Growing a beard
  • Injection of skin fillers

What men should apply for jaw angulation?

Almost all men are suitable for doing this, but in general, any man who has a wide and wide jaw, round face, round and short chin, thin and smooth cheeks, narrow chin, elongated face, or their jaw line is not clear and their face volume are the best candidates for angulation.

Jaw angulation methods in men

Jaw Angulation Methods in Men

There are different methods for jaw angulation in men. One of the best of these methods is gel injection. For this purpose, your doctor will select and inject the best type and amount of gel for you by examining all the angles of your face so that angulation can be done in a correct and appropriate way for your face.

The choice of filler is extremely important in this matter, and if low-quality and non-standard filler is injected, not only will it not give good results, but it will also cause irreparable events.

Filler Style and Filler Shape Innocence contain hyaluronic acid, and by injecting them, you will see the best results. The result of these fillers is very natural and due to the presence of lidocaine in their ingredients, you will not feel any pain during the injection.

Gel injection takes about 15 minutes, and the durability of its result will be between 12 and 18 months, depending on the type of filler chosen, and then it will need re-injection. Of course, you can increase its shelf life by observing care tips such as drinking fluids, following a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, not using tobacco and alcohol, etc.

Durability of jaw angulation

Depending on the method you choose to angle, the durability of each will also vary. If you choose fillers, they usually last between 12 and 18 months and the results are not permanent. But if you get help from surgery for this, it will last as long as the jaw and chin are not damaged.

What is the effect of angulation of the face on beauty?

Jaw Angulation Methods in Men

Angularization is used to improve the shape of the face and correct it, and it is also effective for the following cases.

  • Face symmetry
  • Increasing the attractiveness of men’s faces
  • Shaping and shaping the jaw and chin line
  • Create an angle for the face
  • Eliminate defects

Disadvantages of jaw angulation for men

Cosmetic procedures may have side effects. Of course, these side effects are very minor compared to surgery. Injection of filler for angulation of the jaw, like the injection of various other fillers, may be accompanied by bruising, itching, swelling, asymmetry, scarring, etc. Of course, these things are temporary and disappear after a short period of time.

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