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Removing dimples and dark circles under the eyes with filler injections

Removing dimples and dark circles under the eyes with filler injections

Under eye filler (also known as dermal filler or under eye gel) is an injectable type of hyaluronic acid used to improve the appearance of sunken or discolored areas under the eyes.

Many people suffer from dark circles under the eyes, these shadows are caused by fat bulges directly under the lower eyelid or by soft tissue indentation on the bone under the eyes. In both cases, these shadows can be reduced by placing an eye filler in the shadowed area.

Thanks to the small area under the eyes, this rejuvenation procedure does not require the injection of a large volume of filler. It is said, even with one CC filler in each session, both eyes can be covered; Its shelf life is about 6 months.

Like other non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as Botox, peels, and laser treatments, fillers are useful for smoothing skin lines, adding volume, and helping to smooth facial wrinkles. In this article, we will answer some of the most common questions about filler injections under the eyes.

Benefits of filler under the eyes

Removing dimples and dark circles under the eyes with filler injections

  • Results are visible quickly.
  • The area under the eyes becomes brighter.
  • Makes the area under the eyes more voluminous.
  • In general, the area under the eyes looks younger and fresher.

There’s a reason why many people find under-eye fillers a great solution to bright, smooth, and fresh-looking eyes. Most clients feel that their eyes look fresher and fresher within a few hours after injecting the gel. Most of the clients stated that they had to use a lot of concealer and make-up before using the gel to cover the under-eye circles.

How are fillers used?

Removing dimples and dark circles under the eyes with filler injections

Fillers are formulated for different injection areas. Fillers with a lower concentration are suitable for treating fine lines, and fillers with a higher concentration can fill deeper wrinkles, hollows under the eyes or around the eyelids, and temple depressions.

Fillers work with tissue expansion; Similar to how a sponge expands when it absorbs water. In fact, fillers open the facial tissue to create volume in the desired areas. Lines around the eyes and dimples or dark circles under the eyes can be corrected with fillers and achieve a younger appearance.

It is necessary to know that the results of injecting fillers are instantaneous; So you can decide what amount is right for you by consulting your doctor. Hyaluronic acid fillers are also reversible, which gives peace of mind to many first-time filler users.

For whom is filler injection suitable?

Removing dimples and dark circles under the eyes with filler injections

We already talked about who is suitable for lip gel injections. Now we will examine the same issue about the dimples under the eyes. Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by various reasons. The first thing you need to know is that if your dark circles are caused by pigmentation or vascular problems, fillers can’t do magic for you.

Experts say that filler is a very good option for people who do not have volume under the eyes. With age, with the reduction of fat compartments in the face, the area under the eyes separates from the cheek and gives it a hollow appearance. This happens in some young people because of genetics and natural face shape. Fillers can be used to create a balance between the area under the eyes and above the cheek.

How much filler is needed to inject under the eyes?

The amount of filler injection under the eyes is determined according to the individual’s needs. In general, most patients need only one syringe containing about 1 cc of filler. Keep in mind that this amount is completely variable depending on the person.

What are under-eye fillers made of?

Dermal fillers are placed under the surface of the skin and help to fill wrinkles. Fillers can be made from several different ingredients, the main one being hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your skin that helps plump and hydrate. While others can be made of collagen and calcium hydroxyl apatite. Many also contain lidocaine to help numb and reduce pain.

Care before injecting filler under the eyes

Removing dimples and dark circles under the eyes with filler injections

To avoid any problems regarding the use of filler under the eyes, there are some tips that you should be aware of and take care of your health. In the following, we will state some of the most important care points that you should be aware of before using the filler.

Is under-eye filler useful for you?

Removing dimples and dark circles under the eyes with filler injections

Most of the people applying for under eye fillers are unhappy with the dimples under their eyes. Loss of volume under the eyes is the main reason for filler injection; But in some cases, it can also be used to treat puffiness under the eyes. As mentioned earlier, what under eye fillers cannot change is pigmentation. If your dark circles under your eyes are due to dark skin pigmentation, filler injections will only accentuate them.

Make sure to use hyaluronic acid gel

Most doctors use hyaluronic acid dermal filler; Especially if the patient is in his first experience. It is better to ask your doctor about the use of this substance. Because if you don’t like the result, you can easily break down this substance by injecting hyaluronidase or hyalase (an enzyme in the body).

There is no definitive answer to the question of how long injectables last. The absorption of filler under the eyes is different for different people. Cheek filler injections usually last up to one and a half years. Because there isn’t as much movement in the under eye socket (unlike the lips), it takes longer for your body to

dissolve the hyaluronic acid. This means that under eye filler injections last longer than lip fillers.

The stinging pain around the eye is not as uncomfortable as you might expect Injection of filler under the eyes is not as painful as its name implies and does not hurt the skin; However, the injection may make you feel weak. It is better to have a sweet drink before the appointment or bring it with you.

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